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are chicken eggs fertilized

How Do Chickens Fertilize Eggs: The Real Truth!

Joy Dolcini

We eat eggs from the prehistoric age. Maybe the chicken eggs are the most eaten by humankind. But ever thought, ...

roosters lay eggs

Don’t expect an egg from your rooster

Joy Dolcini

Some of us are confused about a rooster’s role in the chicken flock, and some believe roosters lay eggs. We ...

when do chickens start laying eggs

Do you know when do chickens start laying eggs?

Joy Dolcini

If you are a novice home-raised backyard chicken raiser, you might wonder when your chickens will start laying eggs. By ...

duck considered poultry

Is duck considered poultry? The Ultimate Guide for Modern Farmer

Joy Dolcini

Yes, duck is considered poultry, although scientifically, it is known as white meat.  If you’re from the Philippines and southwest ...

black chicken

Asian Black Chicken: The Ultimate Guide for Novice Farmer

Joy Dolcini

Well, this is what you are going to find in this article. Asian black chickens are a beautiful slowing bird ...

bantam chicks

Bantam Chicken Breeds: Their types, egg production, feeding and caring

Joy Dolcini

Do you want to raise the chicken in the spare premises at your house? Then the Bantam chicken breeds can ...

breeding chickens

How to Breed Chickens Like a Professional – All You Need to Know About It!

Joy Dolcini

Are you willing to fill your pockets with heavy bucks? That’s easy if you do it by expanding your flock ...

pallet chicken coop

How to build a chicken coop out of pallets: All Things you need to know

Joy Dolcini

Do you want to raise chickens in the backyard? Then a handy DIY chicken coop should be an ideal option ...

black and white chickens

Black and white chicken breeds: Their nature, body structure and life

Joy Dolcini

Going to start your own poultry farm with unique chicken breeds? Indeed, the combination of black and white chicken can ...