Do you know when do chickens start laying eggs?

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when do chickens start laying eggs

If you are a novice home-raised backyard chicken raiser, you might wonder when your chickens will start laying eggs. By learning the signs of coming eggs, you can assure the eggs are on the way. By the way, a female chicken under a one-year-old has named a pullet. Depending on the breed, management, parasite load, weather and nutrition, the chicken lays eggs between 6 to 8 months of age.

Moreover, the chicken’s first eggs will probably be smaller with soft shells, no yolks or double yolks. The size of the egg is increasing over time as your chicken age. Few signs will give you a hint that it’s time to get an egg.

First, when the chicken is about to close the first coop, they behave strangely. They try to spend more time with the rooster. Secondly, they examine the nesting area more and more seeing for a safe place to lay. So try to familiarize them with the nesting environment by keeping a golf ball in the nesting box.

Thirdly, they make more noise before laying an egg. It may try to drive the other hens away from possible nests by aggressive, louder sounds to feels protective. After she gets used to the method, everything will go more smoothly, and she will be less sensitive than before.

A well-fed and high-producing backyard chicken can lay up to 250 eggs in its first year of production. When they reach full production age, it takes 24-26 hours to create each egg. They take a short break during the winter season.

How do you help your chickens to start laying eggs?

How long do chickens lay eggs

You can help your chicken in several ways to lay firmly and stay healthy. Chickens are controlled by their behavior. If you build a good behavior of hatching eggs in a nest box, it will reduce your worry about eggs. By this, you can ensure that you get the maximum number of fresh, clean eggs. Followings are-

Make an attractive and right number nest box: 

Chicken likes dark and quiet places to ensure the safety of their eggs. So the ideal nest should be in a dark and quiet place at least a few inches off the floor.

However, one nesting box is suitable for every four to six chickens to feel comfortable laying in them. On the other hand, too many nest boxes will spoil them by sleeping and voiding rather than lay eggs. Also, make the nest boxes clean, soft, and comfortable.

Proper feeding to lay strong:

Proper feeding

Proper feeding helps chickens start laying eggs on time. Different kinds of layer feed are excellent sources of getting all the nutrients. 90% of supplement feeding have all the nutrient to keep the laying chickens happy, healthy and productive.

Train them how to nesting:

poultry nesting

Nesting is necessary to get a clean, unbroken egg. If you don’t train your chicken how to do nesting properly, then you would find your chicken’s egg outside on the ground, in the corners or several other places. So when your chickens are over six months old, let them sit over a golf ball or fake ceramic eggs in their nest. In this way, they will learn to hatch.

Care in a different season:

Chickens need additional care in different seasons. You need to provide 14 hours of artificial lights in their nesting area that keeps them warm in winter. This combination can balance both natural daylight and artificial light. Also, give hot water to drink and soft food to digest properly.

Regular egg collection:

Regular egg collection

Chickens are attracted by a clean and engaging nesting box. They prefer an empty nesting box to lay a new batch of eggs. Chickens are seeking bare spots to fill up those spots with more eggs. So make sure to collect the egg regularly. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

01. How do I get my chickens to start laying eggs?

There is nothing much you can do with chicken to lay eggs. Because it’s a natural process. So, nothing to worry. When it’s time to lay eggs, you can influence the chicken and take the right care to make the process easier for them. 

02. What is the size of the first laying egg of a chicken?

The first few eggs are irregular and smaller than the regular size. Also, the shell of the egg is thin and breakable. After a few weeks, egg production becomes more consistent, and size becomes normal.

03. How long can eggs stay in the coop?

The eggs can be in a coop at room temp for 7-10 days without spoiling. But if the indoor temperature reaches 90F. or higher on a hot day, it’s better to keep them in a refrigerator. Also, remember don’t wash them.

04. When do chickens lay eggs day or night?

The chicken laying rules aren’t entirely black and white. Generally, chickens tend to lay their eggs early in the morning within the first 6 hours after sunrise.

05. Do chickens lay eggs every day? 

When chickens become fertile after the age of six months, they lay few eggs. Gradually if you collect eggs daily, they will continually lay eggs almost every day. Through about 30 weeks of age, the egg and egg goals develop each year.


As a backyard chicken raiser, I know waiting for the first egg of your chicken is painful!! It’s more difficult for the newbie to assume when do chickens start laying eggs!! 

Although normally, breeds like Leghorns, Golden Comets, Australorps and Sex Links begin laying as early as 16-18 weeks. More general and heavier races like Plymouth Rocks, Wyandottes and Orpingtons lay wherever from 6 to 8 months old.

Nevertheless, if your birds come into maturity in the winter and do not begin laying, don’t panic. Normally cold weather delayed the laying process, and you have to wait for the eggs until spring comes.

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