Black and white chicken breeds: Their nature, body structure and life

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black and white chickens

Going to start your own poultry farm with unique chicken breeds?

Indeed, the combination of black and white chicken can make your eye-catchy firm. Wherein the black chickens can be the world-class unique, rare, and expensive collection of birds.

Getting healthy, expensive eggs and rare meat will be a bonus. So, how much do you know about black and white chicken breeds? Are they different from normal chickens? Of course, they are!

Stay with us, and let’s not skip a single part of this article! You’ll know details about all the black and white roosters.

What is black chicken?

Ayam Cemani

Hard to believe, but the black chicken really exists in this world. Although, they are rarely found and look totally different than regular chickens.

The chicken that is pigmented with black color from head to toe is called the black chicken. These are the rare chicken types with lots of expense.

What is white chicken?

white chicken breeds

With the lower fat and calories, the chicks that include white fiber in meat are called the white chicken. Conversely, meat with the red fiber in is known as the dark or black chickens.

Typically, the black chickens are entirely pigmented with the black color. But the white chickens come in varieties of colors, even the black also. 

Black and white chicken breeds

black and white chicken breeds

Yearn to know about the rare black and white chickens and their nature? Let’s dive in!

4 Species of the Black rooster chickens:

01. Ayam Cemani:

The name of the Ayam Cemani breed comes first when we talk about the blackest chicken breed ever. Except for tongue and eggs, a black pigmentation covers the chick’s full-body, including feathers, meats, combs, wattles, and eyes.

Depending on spices, the chicken lays a little brown or creamy white or pinkish-colored eggs. Conversely, grey pigmentation covers the Ayam chicken’s tongue.

The Indonesian consider the Ayam Cemani breed as a lucky bird. They believe the bird has the magical power to communicate with the life of the hereafter.

However, this chick isn’t overly large, but quite a big black chicken.

02. Silkie chicken:

The Silkie breed is another black chicken type with multiple feather tones but a dark body. The feathers are soft, fluffy, and silky that are not compulsorily black like Ayam Cemani breed.

Instead, their plumage color may become dark bluish-grey, white, brown, and sometimes black. Still, the chicken isn’t an ill-mannered or unfriendly bird at all. In fact, it is a cute and funny bird that makes the bird an amazing choice as a pet.

The chicken meat tastes a little gamier but indifferent from the regular chicken meat. That’s because, in the USA, they’re mainly raised in wide open poultry firms instead of factory farms.

03. Kadaknath Chicken: 

Kadaknath chicken is a popular black chicken breed of India.

Surely, you’ll blend these chicks with the Ayam Cemani blend at the first glimpse as they look the same. But, the comb and body fat of this chicken differentiates it from the Ayam Cemani chickens.

Besides, the texture, taste, and quality of their meat are different from the Ayam Cemani chickens.

In India, this chicken has a good medical value as they’re used for treating the nervous disorder. These chickens are hard to find, which makes them one of the expensive chickens.

04. Swedish black chicken:

By the color, the Swedish black chicken isn’t dissimilar to the Ayam Cemani and Kadaknath chicken.

So, what are the differences? Here’s the deal!

First off, the Swedish black chickens originated from Sweden. Unlike the Ayam Cemani, their tongue is also black.

Moreover, they are smaller than Ayam Cemani and Kadaknath in the USA. Besides, the chicks are rarer than the other black chickens, so their price begins from $5000 per pair.

However, the rare black chicken is quite friendly, lays a good number of eggs, and is characterized by docile temperature. So, they can be the loyal domestic pet of your poultry.

4 Species White rooster breeds:

01. White Leghorn chicken:

The leghorns are small, skittish, noisy, but sweetest chicken breeds. They look like most other whitest chicken, so I differentiate them with their single coms and clean legs.

They are always excited and curious about their environment, so they love to move around. But these chicks always remain nervous and flighty.

Although these chickens have the whitest plumage, they have yellow legs, beaks, and varieties in facial color.

Notwithstanding, the white leghorn isn’t so broody, so you have to depend on another chicken for raising this chicken’s breed. Surprisingly, the young hens get ready to lay the eggs within 4-5 months and give around 300-320 eggs each year.

However, the leghorn chicken can cooperate with a warm environment. But they don’t like winter so much, even though they can withstand it.

Due to my country’s cold, I use petroleum to this bird’s comb and resist getting frostbitten.

02. Polish chicken:

This is a friendly, fascinating, and good-looking fluffy white chicken. At first sight, you can easily differentiate this cute bird duet from its unique appearance.

Want to see the difference?

Look at the chick’s comb that is shaped like V and full with the crest feather. Astonishing, isn’t it?

However, this chicken breed doesn’t come in white color; I have golden, silver, and mixed golden and black colored polish chickens.

Like the white leghorn, withstanding the cold is also hard for the polish chicks. But in the summer, they can live very well.

03. Ancona chicken:

Now, let’s meet a restless, flighty, and friendly chicken breed. And that is Ancona chicken breeds, an Italy-originated Mediterranean chicken bird. With the unique comb and leg color, this chick can be distinguished from others.

Anyway, these Mediterranean birds have a mottled pattern color combination of a black and white feather. Perhaps, that’s why they’re known as the black and white hen.

Unlike others, the Ancona chicken breeds withstand the cold very well. That means they’re not so adaptable to the summer.

When it comes to laying eggs, I must tell these chicks are loyal egg layers. A healthy Ancona lays 200-220 eggs in a year and continues laying eggs during the cold also.

04. Hamburg chicken:

Hamburg is a stunning-looking self-centered white chicken species. But its feathers can be mixed with black and white, silver and white, or golden and white. 

This beautiful black speckled chicken is popular for poultry shows. Still, they get nervous and uncomfortable in a new environment. This nervousness makes them fly whilst a new face comes near to them.

Surprisingly, the Hamburg chicken is quite hardy birds who can adjust both to cold and hot seasons. They are also too active and always stay alert.

That’s why this bird is an ideal pet for any region and weather. Learn more about how to build a chicken house out of pallets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

01. How do I know what breed my chicken is?

Various chickens with the same shape and size might confuse you to identify yours. But, I use very simple techniques to identify my chicken breed. First off, I differentiate my chickens with their combs and wattles.

Thereafter, I remember the behavior, body-color, and leg shanks of my chicken breeds. These also help me a lot to differentiate my chicken breeds from others. 

02. What kind of chicken is a black chicken?

The Ayam Cemani chicken, which is black inside and outside, is called the black chicken. It is a rare chicken breed from Indonesia and Malaysia.

Apart from the feather, the tongue, comb, beaks, toes, even the chicken’s meat is so black.

03. What chicken lays black eggs?

As I said, the Ayam Cemani chicken is the blackest chicken breed around the whole world. But they don’t lay black eggs; instead, you’ll get little pinkish eggs from these birds.

So, literally, it means that the black chicken eggs don’t exist in the world. So, if anyone tries to sell the black eggs, remember, he is completely fake.

04. What breed of chicken is most broody?

More or less, nearly all the hen is a broody as they hatch their eggs by sitting on that. The Cinnamon queen chicken breed is one of the broodiest chickens amongst those.

Regardless, some other broodiest chicken breeds are Cochins, Buff Orpingtons, buff rocks, light Brahmans. 

05. Is black chicken healthy?

Of course, the black chicken is healthy as well as their meat also. The taste of black chicken meat is also as delicious and tasty as regular chicken meat. Moreover, the cooking process and time are the same as the other chickens.

06. Why is black chicken so expensive?

Black chickens are the most expensive chickens in this world because of their rarity. The Swedish black and Ayam Cemani are the two rarest black chicken breeds.

Depending on the health and place, the Ayam Cemani costs range from $2500 to $5000. Conversely, the Swedish black chicken costs $100 per chick.

07. Does black chicken meat taste different?

Absolutely not!

The black chicken meat doesn’t taste different than the regular chicken meat. Actually, the chicken got the black color from their ancestors through their genes. 

But This doesn’t mean that their meat tastes different or their eggs look black.

In a Nutshell

If you want to make a firm with the rarest chicken breeds, raise black and white chicken breeds. Indeed, the white chickens are the familiar breed. But, the blacks are rarer and healthier than the white chickens.

So, accumulation of the black and white chicken not only will decorate your firm but also supply the healthiest meats and eggs.

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