Asian Black Chicken: The Ultimate Guide for Novice Farmer

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Well, this is what you are going to find in this article. Asian black chickens are a beautiful slowing bird well- known for their beauty and production capacity. 

At a first glance, Asian solid back chicken may seem bare or regular, but they can be far more graceful and mesmerizing than you could ever imagine! Clean legged and perky nature makes them eye-catching and adaptable.

These popular beauties are kept as a decorative breed for the fortunate few that own them. It is one of the rare and unique breeds which has black color inside and outside. These chicken breeds’ bones, feathers, toes, organs, and bone marrow are also found in blue-ish black. No doubt, Asian black chickens are the most pigmented mortal on earth. 

Whether you are a poultry breeder or seller, solid black chicken is one perfect choice to get nutritious meat and full buckets of eggs. 

What is black chicken?

asian black chicken

Black chickens are the result of genetic mutation and pigmentation of a breed. Some black chickens only black on the outside with attractive black feathers but authentic black chickens are entirely black from tongue to eyes. 

These unique creatures are found in large quantities in Indonesia. Indonesian peoples believed that these chicks have magical powers that allow them to communicate with those in the afterlife. 

Though it sounds funny to people. Silkie and Ayam Cemani are the names of the most common Asian black chicks. Sumatra, Java, and Madura Island loved to raise this rare chicken breed. They are calm and renowned as one of the melanistic chickens in the world.

Difference between male and female Asian black chicken

solid black chickens

Normally, it’s easy to distinguish these black beauties when they get adults.  Almost all of us who are supposed to raise chickens have the curiosity of the chicken gender. Several techniques can help you to differentiate between female and male solid black chickens.  You can also traditionally differentiate black baby chicks.

Feathers are one important point that might help you to understand and differentiate the gender. Male chicken has fluffy feathers around the back, tail, and neck. On the other side, female chickens have limited feathers on their neck and backside. Sprout patterns of black asian chicks also might help you to differentiate the gender of these black meat chickens. 

Though it’s impossible to differentiate the chicken’s sex during hatching. At the age of 6 to 8 weeks, male black bay chick’s combs and wattles get bigger than female baby chicks. Male chicken has bigger and thicker legs than female chickens. In terms of gender differentiation tails of these black meat chickens are the most noticeable difference. Because usually, male chicken has long and curly tail feathers. 

You can also differentiate them by observing their behaviors. Male chicks are also chunkier than female chicks and start to grow from around 12 weeks old where females start to make the sound much later. 

Also, if you observe then you can see that male chickens are more vertical and cheerful, even cocky posture compared to female chickens. However, silkies are very hard to differentiate until they are adults or start to lay eggs.  

Asian black chicken eggs

Asian black chicken eggs

Ayman Cemani and silkies are well-known for being categorically solid black in every feature. These native Indonesian chickens are kept to bring good luck. Native peoples also use its meat as traditional medicine. 

These reproductive chicken eggs are also famous and quite expensive. Eggs of these black beauties eggs are cream-colored and the medium is size. Where males are meat producers, females can give both. Per year a healthy female chicken lays almost 180-250 eggs. Indeed they grow faster than many traditional breeds. 

Therefore, these beauties are reliable and well-productive. Due to their meat and egg production capability, solid black chickens are the ideal choice for backyards and farms as well as larger production farms. 

Advantages of Raising Black Chickens

Black Asian chickens are more graceful and cheerful than many other traditional chicken breeds. Therefore, if you are planning to raise one black chicken, consider the following benefits. These might encourage you to add one or two of these beauties to your flock today. 

Unique plumage:

Unique and solid black plumage can attract anyone immediately. These chickens’ plumage can sparkle a beetle green light in the sunlight and offer a beautiful sight. They are one beautiful option to upgrade your hatchery sites or backyard firms.

More visibility:

Naturally, blackbirds are more visible than broiler chicken. You can raise these beauties to enhance the farm’s charm or display them at poultry shows or other events.  These chickens are unbelievably exceptional and most black chicken breeds are also familiar as ornamental species.

Qualitative meat:

Surprisingly, some Asian chicken breeds possess black meats which have a great value in the current market. Such as Ayman Cemani and silkies meats are solid black and supposed to be better for you. The meat of these chickens contains advanced levels of a special antioxidant known as carnosine. 

Therefore, black meat chickens contain more protein and much healthier than many other traditional breeds. 

Disadvantages of raising Asian Black Chicken

There are many advantages as well as disadvantages of raising this unique breed of chicken. These potential drawbacks might discourage you to raise one solid black chicken. Therefore, before adding a black baby chick you should consider following factors.

Rare breed:

Black meat chickens are quite a rare and expensive breed. Thus it’s almost impossible to buy a solid black meat chicken such as Ayam Cemani from a local hatchery. These breeds are so unique and rare that some areas are restricted to buy this breed of chicken.

Difficult to raise :

In some areas of the world black meat chickens are hard to raise. Due to their aggressive nature and hot blood it’s tough to maintain them in backyards. Solid black chickens have color inability and they can’t imitate the sunlight. 

So, they hold heat and remain aggressive. Yet, there are some innumerable black chickens that you can raise. Such as Minorcas and Langsham that are very much suitable for hot environments. 

Consider nature:

Those who love chicken can get attracted by its first look. But looks should not be the major factor to buy a chicken to raise. If you want to raise a chicken as your pet, you should think twice about this unique breed.  Raising one baby black chick is quite challenging because of its care and maintenance requirements. 

So, a proper consideration is necessary before investing money on black meat chicken. It would be an awful experience if you have to get rid of a chicken because of its aggressive natures. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

01. What age do Asian black chickens lay eggs?

Pure Asian black chicken has a cyclic laying pattern of laying eggs. A healthy female Asian black chicken lays 20-30 eggs and stops laying eggs. After laying 20 eggs they take a break for 6 months. Per year they lay almost 80 to 85 eggs. At the age of 16 to 18 weeks, a female chicken starts laying eggs. Spring is the prime time of laying eggs for them as they become matured enough that time. 

02. Does a black chicken lay black eggs?

This is one common misconception that almost every person has. Sadly, there are a lot of fake sellers that promise to sell black eggs of Asian chicken. Black Asian chicken does not lay black eggs, but cream color with a light pink tint. 

Therefore, if you see an advertisement for black eggs for sale, then never trust it. Because no chicken breed drops black eggs. Though emu bird eggs are black colored and the only fresh huge black eggs existed on the planet.

03. Which breed of chicken lays the most eggs?

Worldwide, there are 200 recognized breeds of chicken that lays eggs. Pure-bred hens comparatively lay more eggs than hybrid eggs and have productive egg layer patterns. To continue the process of laying eggs a healthy young chicken needs around 20g of protein each day. 

There are plenty of chicken breeds that lay the highest volume of eggs. White Leghorn, Rhode Island Red, Ameraucana, New Hampshire Red are well-known for laying an excessive number of eggs. Per year these chicken breeds lay almost 250-280 eggs.  

04. At what age do hens start laying eggs?

Almost every female chick eggs start laying eggs at the age of six months.  But there are few breeds of chickens that lay an egg at a very young age such as 16 to 18 weeks old. Some special breed of chicken lays eggs at the age of 28 to 32 weeks. 

Interestingly, some of my chickens lay eggs at the age of 16 weeks and still looked too young to start laying eggs.

05. What breed of chicken is solid black?

Ayam Cemani is known as a solid black chicken that is famous for its solid black color. From plumage color to inwards these chicken breeds are one rare and reproductive mammal that exists on this planet. 

Their beautiful color is the consequence of the dominant gene called hyperpigmentation. This beautiful and dense black color is the result of excess pigmentation of the tissues. Due to fibro melanosis genetic condition feathers, beak, tongue, and internal organs of this chicken breed are black.


If you are a chicken lover or run a poultry farming business then you must have realized that breeding black chicken is quite beneficial. Those who still raise a question about its breeding probably don’t know about its rarity and price. Solid black chickens are  also known for its black heart which is one of the rare melanosis chickens famous to us.

Asian chicken breeds are admittedly difficult to find but easy to raise and care for. These black beauties are one right choice for expanding and enhancing your backyard flock. 

Moreover, a pure Asian black breed is an ideal breed for adding some additional variety to your egg or meat flock.

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