When do ducks start laying eggs?

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duck laying eggs

Little fluffy ducklings honestly look beautiful. When it grown-up and becomes sexually mature, we see all-time quaking, pooping everywhere, and turning surrounding water into a mud hole among them. 

In a word, their activities become a source of fun for the family. Apart from the enjoyable part, raising a small flock of backyard ducks could be rewarding (nutritious egg) after ensuring proper care.

You can ensure proper care only then when you know “when do ducks start laying eggs”. Hopefully, our following discussion will increase your knowledge regarding the egg-laying of duck.

What do ducks need?

raising ducks for eggs

Are you keeping ducks for eggs and looking for what they need? The following discussion will help you to earn enough information regarding your query. 

01. Good quality Feed: 

The duck needs a good quality feed, which needs to be fresh, have proper nutrient levels, no insect damage, and no molds.  

02. Proper quantity of feed: 

To ensure maximum production, you have to provide no more than .35 pounds of feed per day to the duck age between 3 weeks until they are laying well. 

Otherwise, you duck become overweight and show the problem in egg production, fertility, and hatchability.

When you notice the duck starts laying at 40% production, that means 4 eggs for every 10 females every day, and you have to provide as much as they want. 

03. Water: 

Ducks have no problem with stinky water but, it may negatively affect egg production. A popular misperception is that swimming isn’t necessary for the duck to prosper. 

However, the duck will make the water dirty; that’s why, if you can maintain that dirty water, you can allow them to swim there, but not necessarily. 

04. Proper lighting: 

January to June (an increasing day length) is considered the perfect time for making the duck sexually mature for egg production. 

On the other hand, July to December (decreasing day length) makes the egg production slow or stop. 

So, at that time, you need to ensure artificial light in the morning and evening as the supplement of natural light and ensure the duck gets 17 total hours of light a day.

When do ducks start laying eggs?

when do ducks start laying eggs

Ducks typically start laying an egg when their age becomes 6 to 7 months. Plus, duck’s egg-laying sessions usually commence from mid-March and finish early July.  

Don’t think it is true for all breeds; rather, we find the laying time varies from breed to breed.

It will be better to know every breed’s egg-laying time when you wish to raise ducks for eggs. So, let’s see, when do ducks lay eggs?

When do Pekin ducks start laying eggs?

The annual egg production of Pekin ducks lies between 200 to 300 that makes it one of the best laying ducks

Typically, a Pekin hen becomes capable of laying an egg when she touches five to six months old. 

Light is important for Pekin’s egg production, that’s why when you find your duck becomes mature during cold months, you have to ensure a minimum of 8 to 10 hours of light daily through a solar coop light.

The egg weight usually becomes three ounces. 

When do muscovy ducks start laying eggs?

Many duck owners have seen the Muscovy ducks in the top choice list for the first time. This duck breed becomes mature to lay an egg when they touch six months or 25 weeks of age. 

A Muscovy duck’s average lifespan lies between up to 20 years, whereas the duck’s average life span is 8 to 12 years

However, Muscovy duck isn’t ideal for eggs because they lay a dismally low 100-180 eggs yearly, although you ensure proper facilities. One positive sign is that Muscovy duck’s eggs are larger compared to other duck eggs. 

When do khaki Campbell ducks start laying eggs?

Khaki Campbell hen is the best ducks for eggs and also the best egg laying ducks. Most Khaki Campbell’s egg production time usually starts when they become five to seven months old. 

Typically, Khaki Campbell hens lay approximately 170 to 230 eggs per year. It is not the actual amount; rather, some hens lay even more in their first two years of life. 

Notably, this breed can lay eggs continuously without declining the quantity for about five years. On average, Khaki Campbell’s lifespan is about 8 to 10 years. 

That’s why if you wish for raising ducks for eggs, you can choose this breed easily. However, the egg’s color is pearly white, and the weight is roughly 2.5 ounces that attach an “extra-large” tag with this hen’s egg. 

When do Cayuga ducks start laying eggs?

Similar to Pekins, Cayuga ducks are also considered one of the meat-producing ducks. The male duck’s normal weight is roughly 8 pounds at its full-grown. 

Nevertheless, the female hen duck’s weight is slightly less and lies around 7 pounds when fully grown. This duck breed starts laying eggs approximately 5 months old. 

The egg amount isn’t blissful like other duck breeds. Cayugas lay only 100 and 150 eggs annually, whereas many species can lay about 300 eggs annually. Interesting, Cayugas eggs are eye-catching and look shiny green.

When do mallard ducks start laying eggs?

We find the Mallard duck usually commences laying the egg when their age becomes five to six months. 

After that, they can continue laying eggs for several years after ensuring proper care. 

On average, mallard ducks lay between 8 to 15 eggs per clutch, but it depends on the breed. Interestingly, we find some breeds can produce up to 20 eggs in a clutch. Some mallard ducks can lay up to 1 egg daily all year round.

When do Rouen ducks start laying eggs?

Basically, Rouen ducks are renowned for meat-producing duck instead of prolific egg layers. We find the egg-laying time of Rouen duck is when they reach five to six months and they continue producing eggs for several years.  

Rouen duck’s egg’s production and quality mostly depend on the food they eat. The egg production of Rouen is slightly smaller and lies between 100 to 130 eggs yearly.

When do White-crested ducks start laying eggs?

White-crested ducks are nice to look at and medium-sized meat birds. They lay eggs daily like other chickens

Notably, this breed can hatch on its own at 28 days. At a mature age, White Crested Duck weighs between 6 and 7.25 pounds. 

The yearly laying amount of egg is medium, like 100 to 130 eggs. Interestingly, this breed can lay 9 to 13 eggs at a time, and the eggshell’s color is either white or blue.

What age do ducks lay eggs?

One of the most common questions among the duck owner is “how old are ducks when they start laying eggs.”

Most ducks commonly start laying eggs when they are at 6 to 7 months of age. At that time, the egg production has better become 90% within 5 weeks after start. 

Here 90% means 100 ducks lay 90 eggs per day. English breed typically has been seen to maintain egg production more than 50% for about 5 months.

On the other hand, the Pekins start laying an egg when their age becomes 26 to 28 weeks. You can wait for about 40 weeks when your Pekins lay about 160 eggs for economic purposes.

The lightweight duck breeds become mature sexually at their 17-24 weeks of age, and at that time, they start laying. Nevertheless, the heavier duck typically begins laying when they reach 20-30 weeks of age.

Your duck’s egg production and overall performance will be better when you ensure the ducks in the house are not more than 250. 

Apart from that, you need to change the nest litter on a daily basis when most eggs have been laid. 

Duck usually lay a bulk amount of eggs in the morning light between 4.00 AM and 7.00 AM.

How long do ducks lay eggs?

Raising ducks could be a lot of enjoyable and rewarding family activity for anyone. If you ensure proper care of your duck, they will become friendly and lay delicious fresh eggs. 

Typically, a duck will begin to lay eggs at about 5 to 6 months old and then continue for several years. However, when you make sure proper care, your duck will live about 12 years old. 

When your duck stops laying, your duck will start eating bugs and fertilize nitrogen-rich manure in your lawn. Your family members will get entertainment by watching them waddle around in the grass or splash in their pool.

How to get ducks to lay eggs?

When ducks become sexually mature, their egg production will increase rapidly. 

At that time, they need 14 hours of light daily to go into full production. You can use artificial light like a 40 to 60 watt light bulb in their coop or holding pens.

However, the flock’s amount of egg production should be 90% or more within 5 to 6 weeks. For the meat type breed, daily egg production should be 50% for about 5 months. The persistence rate will be greater for high egg-producing breeds.

When you feed a commercial breeder diet to your flock, the egg production will become high. Also, you need to increase nutrient requirements to support your duck’s high rates of egg production. 

Plus, to maintain reproductive performance, you have to feed a well-balanced special diet. In the early morning, when the sunrise, ducks usually lay an egg, but it varies greatly. Read more.

Some are seen lying at around 4:30 AM, whereas most ducks lay around 6 AM.

Where do ducks lay eggs?

It is normal for a duck to lay eggs around your yard. Mallard duck chooses the nesting place on dry ground near water and where the food is plentiful among the duck breeds. 

Moreover, ducks try to select the place where they find a hide and shelter vegetation facility. The female duck-like to build their nest in nearby vegetation, and when she lays the egg she will sit on the egg for about 30 days to incubate.

Got Some Questions?

01. How old do ducks have to be to lay eggs?

Ducks typically start laying an egg when the duck is at 6 to 7 months of age. 

At that time, the duck has to lay at a rate of about 90% (that means 100 ducks lay 90 eggs per day) within 5 weeks after start laying.
You will get more production like 50% and above for about 5 months from English breeds.  

02. Do ducks lay eggs without a male?

Female duck doesn’t need a drake (male duck) to lay eggs. Interestingly, if there is no drake around, a female duck isn’t seen to hatch into ducklings. 

Plus, the egg will not fertilize and never hatch without the help of the male duck.

03. Do ducks lay eggs everyday?

There is no definite answer because it varies from breed to breed whether the duck lay an egg in captivity or under natural condition. Some breeds lay between 8 – 15 eggs per clutch, on average. 

On the other hand, some lay up to 1 egg daily all year round or 20 eggs in a clutch, but it will be under certain conditions.

The breed is important in terms of egg production because some duck species have been cross-bred to create new breeds for producing more eggs for the market.

04. Can you eat duck eggs?

Yes, duck eggs have no problem eating like a chicken egg. Duck egg offers an excellent source of nutrition. 

The dark yellow yolk from the duck egg contains more antioxidants, 50% more vitamin A than chicken eggs, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Plus, you will get more protein from duck eggs than chicken eggs. Apart from that, duck eggs have a rich texture and flavor.

05. Do male ducks lay eggs

No, female ducks can only lay an egg. Plus, they have a great contribution to brood rearing and incubating. Interestingly, the female duck doesn’t need the male duck’s help to lay an egg.

06. How often do ducks lay eggs?

Ducks typically lay one egg every 24 to 48 hours, but it depends on the breeds. Notably, ducks can produce one egg daily, the geese can lay one egg daily and a half, but the swan can produce one egg every two days.

Final Thought

Raising a flock of duck in the backyard is a source of fun for a family. Plus, it will reward you economically by giving egg and meat. 

You will get delicious fresh eggs when you ensure proper facilities. But, before that, it is important to know “when do ducks start laying eggs.” 

Hopefully, you get all the information you need to raise a flock of ducks, so we leave now and see you in another one.

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