How long does it take for a chicken to mature? The Real Truth!

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Have any plans for raising chickens for meat and eggs? If your answer is yes, then the question like “how long does it take for a chicken to mature” may be running through your mind. The answer really outweighs other queries because it is related to the profit calculation. Hope that you are lucky because you are here in the right place.  .  

So, what is the chicken maturity period? When chickens reach the peak point of sexual maturity, then they start laying eggs. At that time, they are called adults. Typically, a chicken becomes an adult when they are between 16 to 24 weeks of age. But, the time depends on the breed. Some touch mature age quickly, and others are seen slowly. 

In the following discussion, you can earn enough knowledge regarding chicken raising, so let’s get started. 

How long does it take for a chicken to be ready for slaughter?

how long does it take for a chicken to mature

Definitely, you don’t engage in chicken raise for egg production; instead, raising meat chickens for profit also. Let’s see the chart of different types of chicken’s slaughter age.

A Table of chart: different types of chicken’s slaughter age

Chicken BreedsFarming PurposeWeeks of slaughter
BroilerMeat14 weeks (Canada/US/Europe)
8 – 9 Weeks(England)
8 – 9 Months (USA)
Hertigage Breeds 6 – 9 months
DelawareMeat & Egg8 Months
DorkingMeat & Egg5 Months
BuckeyeMeat & Egg5 Months
Rhode Island RedMeat & Egg5 Months
LeghornEggs8 Months
Plymouth RockMeat & Egg5 Months
SussexMeat & Egg5 Months
WyandotteMeat & Egg5 Months
WelsummerMeat & Egg5 Months
HamburgEggs9 weeks
Black AustralorpMeat & Egg5 months
Buff OrpingtonMeat & Egg8 months
BrahmaMeat5 months

How long does it take for a rooster to fully grow?

stages of chicken growth in egg

A rooster (a heritage or rare breed) will catch the mature age when he becomes 24 weeks old. But, the exception you will find in the Jersey Giant, they demand a whole year to grow fully. After that, they will finish their teenage stage. Remember that it will be better to keep one rooster with some hens. 

How long does it take for a chicken to make an egg?

The egg-laying process typically demands 24 to 26 hours. During the nighttime, the main formation of the egg-laying process will happen. After laying the egg, the new process will start again after 30 minutes. 

The eggshell creation is considered the longest portion of egg formation. 

Chicken life cycle

how long does local chicken take to mature

If you wish to build a chicken farm, then you need to know the chicken life cycle. So, let’s see the following. 

01. Egg:

After meeting with a rooster, a hen becomes ready to lay a clutch of fertilized eggs. After that, the egg forming process starts in the hen, and it takes nearly 25 hours. Generally, a chicken lays 12 eggs in a clutch.

Usually, the hen likes to lay an egg in a comfortable, quiet place. 

02. Chick:

To provide the optimum temperature in a natural grooming session, you need to ensure the mother hen sits on the eggs. Sometimes, you may see the hen reluctant to sit on the eggs; then you need to take an incubator. 

The growing time of a chick inside the egg is 21 days. 

However, you need to keep the newborn baby chicken in a brooder for the first few weeks. Remember that chicken development stages after hatching is important because it helps to make the chicken healthy. 

03. Chicken:

After passing 16 to 24 weeks, the chick will be promoted to chicken and start laying an egg. Typically, you will get an egg from a healthy and productive chicken until they are 72 weeks of age. 

What is the best feed for broiler chickens?

best feed for broiler chickens

You need to provide high protein feed to the broiler chicken. While researching, we find the Purina® Meat Bird Feed is perfect for feeding the broiler chicken. Here the protein amount is 22% which will ensure your chicken’s rapid growth. 

However, let’s see at a glance what additional ingredients Purina® Meat Bird Feed offers.

  • It offers 38 unique nutrients that a broiler needs daily. 
  • Here the calcium and phosphorus ratio is 2:1, which will ensure the boiler’s good health. 
  • To ensure good digestion here lies antioxidants and probiotics.

At what age can chickens eat scratch?

When your chicken’s age becomes 18 weeks old, you can start feeding scratch and treats. Scratch can’t ensure balanced nutrition similar to complete feeds, and here the protein amount is low. 

However, you can follow a rule of thumb while feeding scratch-like spread only that amount which chickens can eat in 20 minutes. 

How long can a broiler chicken live?

The broiler chicken age limit (breed: Gallus gallus domesticus) is around seven weeks. At this age, it became mature and ready to eat. However, a broiler breed named Cornish cross can live up to 20 years after ensuring proper care. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Chicken life cycle

Is it OK to eat the first egg a chicken lays?

The first egg from an unmedicated hen is considered safe to eat. The first egg typically looks small and odd in shape, but the nutrition isn’t less than the later egg. In addition, some farmers said that the taste of the first egg is better.

How long does it take a chicken to grow naturally?

Typically, the lifespan of a chicken is 6 years when you provide natural settings. Nevertheless, in a farming operation, the life span typically lies between 3 to 5 years. 

Is it OK to eat eggs with poop on them?

There is no problem with eating eggs with poop over the shell. A little poop on the shell can’t affect the egg’s inside ingredients. Interestingly, an egg has bloomed – a natural antibacterial coating. However, the poops can be removed by cleaning with fresh water.

How long are unwashed eggs good for?

You can keep unwashed and room-temperature eggs for two weeks. However, if you don’t want to eat your egg instantly, we suggest keeping those in the refrigerator. Therefore, the cooler temperature will help to store eggs for up to three months.

Why has my hen never laid an egg?

When you can’t ensure sufficient nutrients in your chicken’s diet, then you can’t expect eggs from the chicken. To ensure regular laying, you have to provide protein of around 20 grams. 


Naturally, after hatching from the egg, a farmer eagerly waits for when the chicken becomes mature. This is because, at a mature age, it starts laying eggs and also becomes ready to eat. Only then, a farmer can see the dream of earning by selling eggs and meat. 
Hopefully, you can fulfil your query on how long does it take for a chicken to mature from the above discussion. Last but not least, if you want to know anything related to chicken farming, notify us through the comment section.

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