What Size Chainsaw for Milling: Chainsaw Milling Tips

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A chainsaw is an indispensable tool for felling trees a great helper in building a house and in the country. It is good because it works autonomously, and with the proper selection and operation, it will last a long time. The chainsaw’s most important advantage is the ability to operate in any climatic and weather conditions.

What size chainsaw for milling

What Size Chainsaw for Milling

Chainsaw for milling comes in various sizes, which are designed for different functions. It should be noted that a chainsaw that cuts down small trees is different from the chainsaw intended for milling. Because a chainsaw for milling has many additional requirements, the wrong choice can leave you unsatisfied. Knowing the size, you should use is very important.

The best chainsaw is not limited to a specific brand. There are decent products from generic manufacturers. But people get lost easily when finding the perfect chain size for the milling process. If so, don’t be despair. Get the correct information that connects you to what size chainsaw for milling. With this information, your chainsaw for milling will perform much better, and you will have peace of mind in the future.

How to choose the right chainsaw for milling

Engine Power:

The engine power depends on the speed and depth of the cut, the ability to work with hardwood, and the conductivity of the chainsaw. The more powerful, the better these characteristics. However, the more powerful the chainsaw, the heavier it is. Choose the power according to your needs, and also use quality gasoline and oils from the manufacturer for refueling. Then your chainsaw will serve you for a long time, a tire, and a tooth.

Bar length

This feature is responsible for the depth of the cut. The longer the bar, the thicker the mill you can cut. However, if a chainsaw for milling has low power, a long tire will accelerate engine wear and significantly reduce the device’s life. Therefore, each model has its characteristic of the maximum tire length.

Chain pitch

The chain pitch directly determines the complexity of the work and the performance of the device. Typically, the household chainsaw for milling has a chain pitch of 0.325″, while semi-professional chainsaws have a chain pitch of up to 3/8″ (0.404″). Smaller chain pitches produce less noise and vibration but less power for the chainsaw. Models with large chain pitches are paramount for sawing through thick, frozen or dirty wood.

Anti-vibration system

This feature determines the convenience of work and the safety of this unit for the worker. This is important in professional chainsaws, where people work for several hours or almost every day. In modern saws, rubber shock absorbers are installed to reduce vibration. Sometimes, separating the chainsaw engine from its fuel tank and handle has an anti-vibration feature.

Kickback protection

The kickback protection is found in most high-quality gasoline saws, even of a household type. Such protection provides an instant emergency stop of the saw motor during kickback. The chainsaw is also equipped with protective shields that prevent workers’ hands from coming into contact with dangerous parts. 

These are the safety features that are very important when you decide which chainsaw for milling to buy. And yet, if you have not yet decided which brand of chainsaw to choose, it is best to consult the experts. They are well versed with the chainsaws and will select options for you at the required features.

Type of tire

Saws for various purposes differ in the type of tire. Narrow flat tires and low-profile chains are installed on household models. Such tires are the safest since a kickback is practically excluded when working with them. Chainsaws are equipped with lightweight tires (two steel plates with polyamide packed between them). Professional tires with replaceable heads are installed on powerful chainsaws designed for many hours of daily work.

Ease of start

Ease of start will please the amateurs and be useful for professionals. A special spring in the starter compresses when the user pulls on the cord. It sharply straightens up when the maximum voltage is reached, turning the engine. As a result, the saw starts without jerks and significant effort on the user’s part. So when buying the chainsaw for willing, you need to consider the ease of start.

Operation of the chainsaw for milling

For efficient and comfortable work, you must follow the simple rules for operating a chainsaw. The chainsaw for milling is selected according to the work’s type, intensity, and frequency. Make sure you check the condition of the chain saw. If the chain becomes blunt, it will take more effort to cut even softwood.

The chainsaw device uses lubricant and fuel mixture. Typically, the proportions of gasoline and oil for the fuel mixture preparation are indicated in the instructions. It is pointless to prepare the fuel mixture for the future – its shelf life should not exceed three weeks. Also, it is better to store the mix not in the fuel tank but a special canister.

Engine or gear oil will not effectively lubricate the bar and chain. A special lubricant is best suited for these purposes. The adhesives contained in the lubricant improve the sticking to the chain to prevent it from flying during rotation. This increases the service life of the saw set. For lubrication, the chainsaw design has an oil tank, which must be filled before each use of the tool.

What can be helpful when using a chainsaw for milling?


To comply with the conditions for proper operation, you will need: 

  • Oil for 2-stroke gasoline engines for the preparation of the fuel mixture
  • A special lubricant for the saw chain
  • Templates and sets for chain sharpening
  • Filters
  • Spark plug
  • A measuring container and a canister for preparing the fuel mixture 
  • Sprockets and saw tires
  • Eye protection (glasses) and hands (gloves)
  • The carrying systems (cases, bags) for convenient storage and transportation of the chainsaw


You don’t need much equipment if you need to mill the lumber. You need a high-quality chainsaw and know what size chainsaw for milling. The chainsaw cannot be cut without the right size. You need a proper chainsaw for milling to get the job done well.

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