How To Boil Quail Eggs: It’s Super Simple!

John Boyd

boil quail eggs

Quail eggs are pretty charming! These tiny beauties have unique speckled shells. The yolk is more significant than that of chicken and gives you a rich flavor. 

People tend to work less with quail eggs. Some find it weird due to its size. Some think that the egg size is small to fit their body’s daily requirements. 

Relax! It’s super easy! And super tasty as well! 

I have been raising quails for a while and my family members prefer quail eggs over chickens. We add these gorgeous beauties to garnish our salads, spicy curries, stews, soups, and snacks. My kids love their tiny size and adorable outlook.

Go through this article thoroughly, wherein I will teach you exclusively how to boil quail eggs! You will be a pro in this, trust me! 

How to boil quail eggs

how to boil quail eggs

Well, the first step to having a delicious quail egg is to boil it. And you will see that many people skip eating these delicious eggs only because they have zero ideas on boiling them. Quail eggs are comparatively smaller and a little bit vulnerable to breakage; hence they need extra attention while boiling. 

You can either hard-boil quail eggs or soft-boil them. If you prefer hard-boiling your egg, there is a specific technique. Again soft-boiling includes another procedure. Let’s learn!



Here is a guideline on how to hard boil quail eggs: 

  1. Place a suitable size saucepan or pot and fill it with cold water, as much needed to cover the eggs entirely.

2.   Place it on the burner and turn the heat to high. Bring the water to boil.

3.   A moment before it starts to reach boiling point, drop the quail eggs in the pan. Be careful  while doing this. You can use a slotted spoon to avoid the sprinkle of hot water on your body. 

4.  Roll the eggs around the pot. Rolling makes the yolk sit in the center of the egg. A chopstick or a wooden spatula helps in rolling the eggs properly.

5.  Check your timer! Boil them for around 4 minutes. 

6.  After 4 minutes, drain the hot water from the pot. 

7.  Fill up a bowl with ice-cold water.

8. Use a slotted spoon to move the eggs into the bowl.

9.  Let them cool for a while until you can touch them and not feel the warmth. 10. Once the eggs are cold enough to handle, peel them off gently. 

Soft-boiled eggs:

Soft-boiled eggs

Now let’s learn the procedures to have some yummy soft-boiled quail eggs: 

1. Put a pan on the burner and turn the heat to high.

2. Once it starts simmering, add the eggs into the bowl. 

3. Roll the eggs around using a chopstick to let the yolk sit in the center of the egg. 4. For  soft-boiled eggs, 2 minutes and 20 seconds is the standard timing. No more, no less! So set your timer to 2 minutes.

5. After your timer beeps, carefully and quickly drain the hot water and place your egg-pot under a running tap of cold water. Cool them down as soon as possible. 

6. Once they are cooled enough, peel off the shells gently. 

I like eating soft-boiled quail eggs for their soft white and creamy taste of yolk. 

How to crack and peel quail eggs

How to crack and peel quail eggs

Cracking a quail egg might sound complicated. Follow these tips and let me know if you face any hardle while cracking eggs the next time.

After boiling the eggs and cooling them down, you can either take each egg and hit it on the kitchen counter or any hard surface. Gently peel them off and serve with some salt and pepper.

There are also cutter gadgets available in super shops. You can use them too for cracking your eggs. 

I crack my quail eggs by placing them in a bowl that has a lid with it. I close the lid and shake the eggs inside gently around 20 times. My kid loves listening to the sound of shaking eggs. After opening the cover, I see my eggs all cracked perfectly. I dip those eggs into another bowl with cold water. Why? Because this helps in making the space between the membrane and the egg moist. And then peeling gets easier than ever!

Quail eggs are more prone to breakage; hence they need extra care while peeling. You can always start from the bottom. Make sure to be gentle. Never apply too much pressure or they might break! The quail egg’s thin skin is firm, so you can easily peel them off after cooling them down. 

How long does it take to boil quail eggs?

How long does it take to boil quail eggs

Usually, a chicken egg takes around 7 minutes to get boiled perfectly. In this case, Quail eggs could be your holy grail as they don’t make you wait for so long.

It just takes precisely 2 minutes and 20 seconds to soft-boil an egg. If you prefer hard-boiling, then it will take a little longer— approximately 4 minutes. 

Don’t go for overboiling as it will harden the eggs’ surface, destroying the eggs’ texture and smoothness. 

What is the best way to cook quail eggs?

Of course, boiling an egg would be the best and easiest way! Besides, a boiled egg is also loaded with maximum proteins and vitamins. 

I add thickness to my chicken curry by cutting quail eggs into slices and adding to the gravy.You can also have quail eggs with salads and soups. A perfect poach would be delicious too. Use quail eggs for topping with bacon and bread. 

Quail eggs can also be used for baking purposes. As a substitute for chicken, you can add quail eggs to your dough for a great texture. Quail eggs can be used in the batter of pancakes too!

Any More Questions?

We often see people asking thousands of questions on quail eggs. Since people find quail eggs a little weird, they get interested in requesting a lot about them. Here are some common FAQs you might be wondering on how to boil quail eggs.

01. Why do we add salt when boiling eggs? 

We add salt while boiling eggs so that the temperature rises and the eggs cook better overall. Salt is also added to prevent the eggs from cracking. Peeling off the eggs gets much smoother when salt is added while boiling. 

02. Should you boil eggs in hot or cold water? 

Start boiling eggs with cold water. Put a saucepan on the stovetop and add water. Cover the lid. When the water starts to boil a little, add the eggs altogether. Letting the temperature of both the eggs and water together will not only prevent your eggs from breaking off but will also help you peel them off quickly. 

03. Do quail eggs taste good? 

Definitely. Try them and do let me know. A quail egg tastes similar to a chicken egg. But I prefer quail eggs as the marigold yolk has a unique flavor. My family loves eating quail eggs! 

04. How many minutes does it take to boil an egg hard? 

It takes around 3-4 minutes to boil an egg hard. You will get the perfect rigid hard-yolk tasty egg. 

05. Do you put eggs in cold water after boiling? 

Yes, that’s highly recommended. Because putting your eggs in a bowl of cold water immediately after boiling, helps the eggs avoid overcooking. And simmering them for a while in cold water makes your peeling process more manageable. Because the water softens the spaces made by the cracks between the eggs and the membrane. 

06. Are boiled quail eggs healthy? 

Ans: Yeah!!! Boiled quail eggs not only give an attractive look to a dish but are also enriched with vitamins and nutrition. Boiled quail eggs are high in amino acids which provides an effective solution to your hair fall problem. Quail eggs are also beneficial for the strengthening of bones. I also like having boiled quail eggs for shaping up my body muscles. 

07. Can you eat quail eggs every day? 

Yes, you can eat quail eggs every day. Because they supplement necessary energy and vitamins, meeting your body’s daily requirements. Overeating is highly discouraged as all it does is hamper your body in a gradual process. I should recommend having three quail eggs every day. 

Final Takeaway

With all the information mentioned above, I can conclude that quail eggs are full of vitamins and nutritions. Besides, it also tastes yummy! So, don’t hesitate and give it a try! You will love it! 

If you are new to Quail eggs, don’t worry and stress over it. The taste and nutrition package is fantastic all together. 

Quail eggs also tackle allergy issues. So you can eat Quail eggs even if you face allergy problems. I would still recommend consulting a nutritionist before trying. 

Since quail eggs are smaller and vulnerable to breakage, it needs to be gentry treated while peeling off.

How to boil quail eggs might get tricky if you don’t boil them the right way. So follow the procedures mentioned above to get your perfectly cooked quail egg. 

Share your queries and first experience of having quail eggs with us!

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