How much does a goat cost? A Beginner’s Guide on 2021

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goat cost

Goat farming is not so easy as it seems. The first step you need to know is how much does a goat cost and which type of goat is right for starting. Actually, the total goat raising cost depends on the goat species, purchase price, shelter, food, vet care, supplements, etc.

Different types of goat’s raising methods are different. Like meat goats feeding method is different from a milk goat. There are different goat price ranges, like meat goats price is little higher than baby goat price. Therefore, the initial cost of the goats ranges from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Well, it all depends on the below factors.

Variable Factors of goat raising that affect the cost 

goat raising

You have to acknowledge a few things when figuring up the cost of goats. If you want to keep a goat as a pet, then the price is almost none. But if you want a few goats for farming to get milk and meat, you need to spend a few bucks. Always consider the below factors to start goat raising:

Types of Goat:

type of goats

Depending on the breed and sex, a goat can cost anywhere from 100 dollars to 800 dollars or more. Usually, the most expensive one is female if you are looking for a high-quality milk goat. 

If you’re looking for a pet, then a mixed breed like a castrated male is healthy and friendly as a pet. Whether you keep milk goat or meat, always keep in mind that never buy one goat because naturally, goats are herd animals and need another goat to be happy.

Shelter and fencing:

Shelter and fencing

Starting always seems costly, but once you have the right setup and equipment, the price per year goes down. An ideal farm should have both indoor and outdoor arrangements for goats. 

Goats hate wet weather; that’s why goats need a substantial shelter that can protect them from wind and rain. They quickly get cold, so a reliable roof and strong wall can help them stay warm and dry. Also, for grazing, one single goat needs a minimum of 250 sq feet, and the area should be well fenced 5ft high. The overall cost of shelter and fencing depend s on the material and space of land. 

Food and Supplements:

Food and Supplements

Goats feeding costs depend on how much goats eat based on breed, age, pregnancy and breeding season, weather, etc. Usually, a goat consumes 2% to 4% of its body weight in hay per day. That means a 100lb bundle of hay should serve 45 days for a 110lb goat or 25 days for a pregnant goat. 

Goats need more hay throughout cold weather to keep warm, and pelleted goat food is the only option on those days. So in the winter season, the feeding cost increases. Moreover, if you don’t have suitable land for grazing, you may need to supplement their feed that their bodies require. Per bundle, cost varies from $5 to $20, depending on location and season.

Veterinary Costs:

Goats are sensitive to weather, so they need medical care anytime. It is always recommended to be prepared and have all the essential goat medical supplies on hand. As well as you will also need the right livestock vet for regular checkups. So their prices for a checkup vary on location. It can cost you 10 dollars to 100 dollars per veterinary visit.

Always stay up to date and record the CDT dosage for goats on a goat vaccination schedule chart. For goat medication, you need to weigh your goats and record the right dosage for future treatment.

Other Maintenance:

It’s essential to consider all maintenance expenses from the starting to keep track. That will help you to reduce expenses and earn more money in the long run. If you don’t plan to hire a worker to help you, that’s going to require some of your personal time as well. When recording your labour, you can cost per hour starting from around $5 per hour.

Different raising cost of various races of goat

If you really want to know how to raise a goat, then you must know,” how much a baby goat costs? How much do pygmy goat prices? How about a Boer goat price? The most apparent differences in goats that play a factor in their price are their purpose and breed. Below are the approximate buying costs of different races-

  1. Pure-bred miniature goats such as myotonic, Nigerian Dwarf, or Pygmy goat can cost up to $500.
  2. The best goat for milk like Nubian goats, from champion bloodlines, can cost $250 for a few week-old kids and breeding-age for $500-1000. You may find Nubian goats under $100 for a dueling and $200-300 for a doe in milk.
  3. For tasty meat, Boer and Savanna’s goat are best for size, rapid growth, and year-round heat cycles. It can cost you from $600 to $1200 for good breeding lines.


01. How much are baby goats?

Pricing of baby goats is based on genetics and gender. Normally baby goat prices from 50 dollars to 200 dollars. Female baby goats are more expensive than male ones. 

02. How long do goats live? 

With adequate care and diet can, a goat can live longer. Below is the short chart of different goats approximate life span:

  • Miniature goats, including fainting goats, Nigerian Dwarf, and Pygmy goats, live 12-15 years.
  • Toggenburg and Oberhasli goats: 8-12 years.
  • Boer goats: 8-12 years for bucks and 12-20 years for does.
  • Kiko goats: 8-12 years.
  • LaMancha goats: 7-10 years.

03. How much does a goat feed cost? 

Depending on the weather and race, it approximately costs about 4500 dollars yearly.


The goat raising cost can widely vary from place to place and the effort to put in. The authentic information of how much a goat costs depending on the quality goats and be involved with them daily to make sure they stay healthy.

Additionally, goats are brilliant and entertaining animals and will develop a relationship with you if you are kind and constant in your care. Of all the livestock that can keep, goats are some of the most economical and worthwhile.

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